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We Go To Court and Fight CDL Traffic Tickets to Win!

Join Millions of Truckers & Drivers Across the USA & Canada!  

TVC Traffic Ticket Legal Services • Local CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys Nationwide


Our CDL Ticket Defenses have a 92% Success Rate! 


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US Traffic Ticket AttorneysProtected by Copyscape Online Plagiarism Tool Our TVC Prodriver Legal Plan Has Protected Commercial
Drivers and Regular Licensed drivers with Pre-existing tickets For nearly 30 years!  Serving:
Nationwide and Canada, including San Antonio, Texas.

Our TVC Truckers Voice in Court US Legal Service Offers:

• Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers Truckers Defense Attorneys
• CDL Citations Moving & Non Moving • Nationwide Local Traffic Ticket Attorneys
• Trial Defense for Truck Violations Pre-Existing CDL Violations & Fee Estimates
• Best CDL Defense Lawyers • Affordable Truckers Attorneys

TVC Truckers Voice in Court Plans

• TVC Prodriver Legal Plan Membership Offered

Abogados de Traileros Y Defensa De Tickets

• Top Commercial Drivers Legal Plan
Free Data Q Challenges (to clear CSA & PSP Safety Ratings) • Class A,B,C or D Drivers License Traffic Defenses

Our TVC Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys agency has Better Business Bureau A+ rated agents with decades of experience and ready to assist you with your Drivers License Legal needs.  We have over 17,000 lawyers across the USA and Canada and can connect you with a local attorney nearest to the court where you need one.  We offer a Pre-Existing CDL traffic ticket lawyer legal service plus a Preventive Prodriver Pre-Paid Legal Membership Plan to help pay for your future traffic legal fees and FREE Data Q Challenges to help keep your MVR, CSA & PSP safety ratings clean and accurate. You can Call now for a TVC Lawyers consultation, register online for more information (automatically emailed to you) or Enroll Online to start a TVC Membership that can help you fight MVR violations, speeding, following too close, logbook, overweight tickets and more.

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Protect Your CDL and Company Today Online

Welcome to our T.V.C. - Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys and US Traffic Ticket Attorneys website for commercial drivers and classs C motorists!  Just got a Ticket?  This is where you can get assistance with paying a local lawyer to dismiss or reduce your pending traffic tickets to keep points off your driving record anywhere in the US and Canada.  Got old tickets or past court dates?  We can help with MVR Clean Ups or expunge old traffic convictions that can cause problems with employment or getting insurance.  Old and past court dates require our discounted legal service which offers a Free Consultation with a local lawyer on a case per case basis and at a discounted rate if the lawyer is retained.  Have a clean driving record and want to keep it that way?  You can join our membership plan to Protect your career from your CDL commercial drivers license liabilites with our popular TVC Pro-Driver Legal Service membership for Truckers.  Let our BBB A+ Rated GIG Associates assist you and provide you with Superior local CDL Traffic Ticket Trucker defense Lawyers, anywhere in the US and Canada, while protecting your income!  This is where you will find the best truckers trial defense attorneys that can help you save your license. 

CLICK HERE if you think you once had a TVC Pro-driver legal plan or if you need the TVC Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys CDL legal protection.  You can reinstate or enroll here today!

When you are looking for greater Peace Of Mind regarding your CDL legal liabilities, and looking to fill in the gaps of your vehicle insurance; let our top CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys across the 50 states and Canada, help you.  We help millions of Motorists and CDL holding commercial drivers to dramatically improve their Drivers License Liabilities above and Beyond any truckers / commercial drivers Pre-Paid Legal Program out there. 

No need to waste your time or money running to courts yourself or putting your livelihood at risk by using the wrong type of lawyer or legal program.  Let our experienced TVC local traffic ticket lawyers go to court for you.  We have A+ rated agents ready to guide you and assist you in getting you the most savings and return on your hard earn cash using a proactive CDL Commercial Prepaid Legal Protection Plan that helps you dismiss or reduce CDL Traffic Tickets and we even help pay for the legal bill.  

We also help pay for Serious violations such as vehicular homicide and involuntary manslaughter with practically no limits.  This can help you save tens of thousands of dollars to keep you out of jail and save your livelihood. We help keep points off of your CDL / MVR (Commercial Driver License / Motor Vehicle Record) and CSA / PSP safety Ratings.  What this means to you is:

• Savings of thousands of dollars in fines & legal fees
• Lower vehicle Insurance rates (Both Personal or Company)
• Qualify for Company bonuses
• Better paying jobs
• Securing your income  

• Keep CSA & PSP Safety Ratings Clean

Securing Your Driving Career

Our CDL truck lawyers help you stay proactive with your driving career by helping you maintain a clean CDL / MVR driving record while keeping your CSA and PSP Safety Ratings Clean and accurate.  We also protect your CDL commercial driver licenses from getting black balled, wrongfully by the DAC Report.  We are the nation's best CDL traffic ticket attorney defense.  Truckers and CDL drivers come to us as we give them best fighting chance against:

Speeding traffic tickets
Equipment violations
Following too close
Careless driving
Suspended license
Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device
Lane Change violations
Many other CDL violations throughout the US and Canada. 

The sooner you seek our expert help to exercise your rights, the more money you will save and the greater the chances of getting the charges against you dropped or reduced.  Contact TVC Truckers Voice in Court Attorneys today for a free consultation or ticket evaluation.

Be Prepared!  

No one Plans to get a Speeding traffic ticket or a serious CDL citation or Violation much less have an emergency out on the Road like an accident, natural disaster or even a mechanical breakdown.  We all know about Murphey's Law. Things just seem to happen when you least expect it or least need it to happen.  In todays economic conditions, brown nosers trying to make a name for themselves and inconsiderate drivers have pushed the number of bogus Speeding Traffic Tickets and other CDL traffic violations through the roof.  It will most likely get worse before it gets better.  

So what happens when you find yourself in the middle of an unforeseen situation like one of the above?  Are you prepared?  Do you know of a good local CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney who can go to court for you regardless of the US states you drive in?

Even if you do know some attorney or do a google search or get one from the yellow pages; are you willing to pay double, triple or maybe even a hundred to a thousand times more than it would cost you to have a good CDL protection plan like ours in place?   

Believe us when we say that you don't want to be like the countless drivers that had to learn the hard way that paying a ticket was a very bad idea.  You don't want to make their mistake and then have to pay top dollar to hire an attorney after the fact, and hire a specialist who knows commercial law, just to try to expunge the violation from your record.  That can be very costly, a lot riskier and maybe even too late. 

The new laws are making life quite difficult for the CDL holder and will get worse before getting better.  Who wants to be at the mercy of government regulations and have to wait 5 years or longer for CDL traffic tickets to fall off the driving record or to qualify to be able to do an MVR clean up?  And don't forget the new CSA 2010 rules pushing to keep CDL traffic violations on your CSA & PSP safety ratings for up to 10 - 15 years!  Forget that!

Safe, even when away from home  

What if you get a traffic ticket or a serious violation while you are far away from home?  Do you have the time and money to go back to court?  Do you know of good Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys in every city and state you drive in?  What if you were in your personal vehicle, at the wrong place at the wrong time and just got a traffic ticket you didn´t deserve?  If you're like most drivers you'll just pay the ticket without thinking about the consequences and forget about your Rights and options.  As highly experienced trucking ticket experts, we advise you don't!  Let us take care of the citation for you.

Don't spend hard earned dollars to save pennies! 

Many drivers with excellent driving records choose to not hire a good CDL traffic ticket defense attorney to Fight their CDL Speeding Traffic Tickets in order to save some money.  Unfortunately, it only takes 1 or 2 traffic violations for a CDL driver to find out they are skating on thin ice....losing thousands of dollars of lost income and increased insurance rates; it's mind boggling. This is like spending hard earned dollars to save pennies! 

Did you know that paying a CDL Traffic Ticket or fine can cost the average driver thousands of dollars more in the long run?  Paying a CDL traffic ticket or traffic violation can cost a driver an average of $1,200 to $5,000 in the next 3 years.  What if your CDL drivers license got suspended for 2 to 6 months?  How much income would you lose?  If you're a Professional Driver who earns a living with a CDL, your livelihood depends on your Drivers License.  This can cause you an economic hardship. 

"Legal" is not always "Fair"

Have you thought about what would happen if you were ever involved in a Serious Accident where people got seriously injured or Killed?  The legal system is not always about justice.  It can make a criminal out of an innocent driver just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  If you are a Truck driver, law enforcement and DOT officials will nit pick the truck and logbook and go over it with a fine tooth comb until they find something wrong. The greed follows the money and you are in the middle.

You see it on the news frequently on CNN and US Today.  No matter how obvious it appears that the other driver is at fault, the CDL driver faces Vehicular manslaughter charges due to a technicality.  There goes the million dollar insurance policy out the window.  You'd be amazed at how many drivers think their companies or vehicle insurance policies will take care of their CDL liabilities.  

 We go where your insurance company doesn't

If you´re a company driver, which side do you think the company will choose...to defend the CDL driver or keep the insurance carrier on the fleet of trucks?  It´s a business decision.  If you were the owner of the company, would you risk the livelihood of your family and of all the other drivers working for the company for the sake of saving one driver?  So guess who gets to defend himself?  You´ve guessed it!  Who has an extra $20,000 to $30,000 or more lying around to pay for serious representations?  Did you know that insurance companies only pay for injuries and damages and not fines or Legal fee's? 

 The Good News

Enough of the bad news.  Don't worry!  You´ve come to the Right Place.  TVC - Truckers Voice in Court attorneys have been helping CDL Drivers get their peace of mind by protecting their CDL's with CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney coverage for the last 20 years.   Administered by the 80 year old Motor club of America, we have the negotiating power of millions of drivers accross USA, Mexico and Canada.

 Be a Proactive Driver to be Among the Best

These proactive drivers are among the best drivers in the field who believe in prevention and protect their CDL's from the unexpected things that can happen throughout the US and Canadian highways.  Through the TVC Pro-Driver Plan, this Commercial Drivers Prepaid legal protection can empower millions of drivers with resources and assistance that was once only available to large corporations.  So you don't have to worry about your justice being limited to the size of your wallet.  With the TVC legal protection behind you, you can fight for your traffic tickets without the worry of running out of money in the middle of a legal defense case.


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Save, Time, Money and more

Our CDL Drivers Legal plans can save you time, money and worries by helping you pay for CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys to fight Speeding, logbooks, overweights and many other CDL Traffic Tickets.  Our CDL traffic ticket trucking lawyers fight covered Pre-existing tickets for under $300 and Serious Violations with no out-of-pocket expense!  We also provide many other perks and benfits to encourage drivers to save more than the pre-paid fees.  The Benefits include:

• More than A Prepaid Legal Aid for Truckers.  This is the only service that Pays up to 100% for CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys to Fight Speeding Tickets and Serious Violations and other Trucker CDL Traffic Violations.
• Access to Affordable Discounted Legal Services For Your Personal or Business Matters at A Fraction Of the Cost.
Emergency Road Services 24/7 (non-CDL holding spouses included for Free) 
• Much more savings and discounts on car rentals, hotels, prescriptions, dental and more.

What really makes us different from all the other Trucker Commercial Drivers Pre-Paid Legal Programs is that we don´t just refer drivers to an attorney and give a discount.  We do more.  Once you start an account with us for more than 24 hours, we are the only company that can cap off your legal fees up to 100% for you and spouses traffic ticket representations opened with more than 2 weeks before the first court date or due date.  Most importantly, we guarantee local CDL Ticket Defense Attorneys to fight CDL Traffic Tickets in any court with a 92% dismissal or reduction rate!

It Really Pays to Stay Protected

We even offer shopping rewards, roadside assistance, Free Data Q Challenges and additional benefits while you protect your license with the CDL 4885 Prodriver Plan.  We also offer SBCA & MCA Motor Club Plans and referral incentives for those who refer other drivers to us.  So It Pays to Stay Protected regardless of whether or not you get any Traffic Tickets or Accidents.


Refer a Driver to us, give them your member id number;  when they Start a membership, you will receive Cash from us! 

Stop Paying CDL Traffic Tickets

Call us today for a Free Traffic Ticket Evaluation or Click Here to get Pre-existing traffic ticket estimates or pre-existing fees. 

We help pay for local traffic ticket defense attorney's legal fees to Fight CDL Speeding tickets, logbook, overweight, lane violations, failure to obey sign, careless driving and many other CDL Traffic Tickets in any state or province. 

Don't forget...Ask Us How We Help Drivers SAVE MONEY on Roadside Assistance / TOWING, getting their Own Authority PERMITS, Discount FUEL CARDS, FACTORING and INSURANCE QUOTES on ALL Insurance needs.

Free Coverage for spouses, Referral Incentives and REWARDS PROGRAM offers DISCOUNTS on food, lodging, entertainment and much more!


TVC Pro Driver, Inc | CSA Data Q Challenges | MCA | GIG

Our CDL legal defense Service pays above and beyond any Prepaid legal program for Truckers that is out there and we fight and cover Truck Driver Citations like the following: CDL Speeding Tickets, Failure to obey traffic control device, Logbook, overweight, following too close, Reckless / Careless driving, Off Truck Route, Failure to maintain control, wrong lane changes, DUI´s, DWI´s, and any Serious CDL Violation cases in all 48 States. 

We have CDL Defense Lawyers with Commercial Law Specialty Including but not limited to the following Cities and States:

In ALABAMA: Auburn AL; Birmingham AL; Dothan AL; Gadsden AL; Huntsville AL; Mobile AL; Montgomery AL; Muscle Shoals AL; Tuscaloosa AL; ALASKA: Anchorage AK; Fairbanks AK; Juneau AK; ARIZONA: Flagstaff AZ; Sedona AZ; Mohave County AZ; Phoenix AZ; Prescott AZ; Show Low AZ; Sierra Vista AZ; Tucson AZ; Yuma AZ; ARKANSAS: Fayetteville AR; Fort Smith AR; Jonesboro AR; Little Rock AR; CALIFORNIA: Bakersfield CA; Chico CA; Fresno CA; Humboldt County CA; Inland Empire CA; the Grapvine Kern County, CA; Lamont CA; Long Beach CA; Los Angeles CA; Mendocino (new) CA; Merced CA; Modesto CA; Monterey CA; O.C. CA; Oakland CA; Palm Springs CA; Palmdale CA; Redding CA; Sacramento CA; San Diego CA; San Fernando Valley CA; San Francisco CA; San Gabriel Valley CA; San Jose CA; San Luis Obispo CA; San Mateo CA; Santa Barbara CA; Santa Cruz CA; Santa Maria CA; Siskiyou CA; Stockton CA; Susanville CA; Ventura CA; Visalia CA; COLORADO: Boulder CO; Colorado Springs CO; Denver CO; Fort Collins CO; Pueblo CO; Rockies CO; Western Slope CO; CONNECTICUT: Eastern Connecticut CT; Hartford CT; New Haven CT; Northwest CT; Wilmington DE; Dover DE; Newark DE; Pike Creek DE; Bear DE; Washington D.C. District of Columbia; Daytona FL; Fort Myers FL; Ft Lauderdale FL; Gainesville FL; Jacksonville FL; Keys FL; Lakeland FL; Miami FL; Ocala FL; Orlando FL; Panama City FL; Pensacola FL; Sarasota FL; Space Coast FL; St. Augustine FL; Tallahassee FL; Tampa FL; Treasure Coast FL; West Palm Beach FL; Albany GA; Athens GA; Atlanta GA; Augusta GA; Brunswick GA; Columbus GA; Macon GA; Northwest GA GA; Savannah GA; Statesboro GA; Valdosta GA; Big Island HI; Honolulu HI; Kauai HI; Maui HI; Boise ID; East Idaho ID; Lewiston ID; Twin Falls ID; Bloomington IL; Carbondale IL; Chambana IL; Chicago IL; Decatur IL; La Salle County IL; Mattoon IL; Peoria IL; Rockford IL; Springfield IL; Western IL IL; Bloomington IN; Evansville IN; Ft Wayne IN; INpolis IN; Kokomo IN; Lafayette IN; Muncie IN; Richmond IN; South Bend IN; Terre Haute IN; Cedar Rapids IA; Des Moines IA; Dubuque IA; Fort Dodge IA; IA City IA; Mason City IA; Ottumwa IA; Quad Cities IA; Sioux City IA; Waterloo IA; Lawrence KS; Manhattan KS; Topeka KS; Wichita KS; Bowling Green KY; Eastern KY KY; Lexington KY; Louisville KY; Owensboro KY; Western KY KY; Baton Rouge LA; Lafayette LA; Lake Charles LA; Monroe LA; New Orleans LA; Shreveport LA; Portland ME; Lewiston ME; Bangor ME; West Scarborough ME; Annapolis MD; Baltimore MD; Cumberland Valley MD; Eastern Shore MD; Frederick MD; Western MD MD; Boston Massachusetts; Cape Cod Massachusetts; South Coast Massachusetts; Springfield Massachusetts; Worcester Massachusetts; Ann Arbor MI; Battle Creek MI; Central MI MI; Detroit MI; Flint MI; Grand Rapids MI; Holland MI; Jackson MI; Kalamazoo MI; Lansing MI; Monroe MI; Muskegon MI; Northern MI MI; Port Huron MI; Saginaw MI; Southwest MI MI; Upper Peninsula MI; Duluth MN; Mankato MN; Minneapolis MN; St Paul MN; Rochester MN; St. Cloud MN; Biloxi MS; Hattiesburg MS; Jackson MS; Meridian MS; Natchez MS; North MS MS; Columbia/Jeff City MO; Joplin MO; Kansas City MO; Kirksville MO; Lake of the Ozarks MO; Southeast MO MO; Springfield MO; St. Joseph MO; St. Louis MO; Billings MT; Missoula MT; Great Falls MT; Bozeman MT; Butte MT; Grand Island NE; Lincoln NE; North Platte NE; Omaha NE; Scottsbluff NE; Las Vegas NV; Reno NV; Manchester NH; Nashua NH; East Concord NH; Concord NH; Derry Village NH; Central Jersey NJ; Jersey Shore NJ; North Jersey NJ; South Jersey NJ; Albuquerque New Mexico; Santa Fe New Mexico; Albany NY; Binghamton NY; Buffalo NY; Catskills NY; Chautauqua NY; Elmira NY; Finger Lakes NY; Glens Falls NY; Hudson Valley NY; Ithaca NY; Long Island NY; New York City NY; Oneonta NY; Plattsburgh NY; Potsdam NY; Rochester NY; Syracuse NY; Twin Tiers NY; Utica NY; Watertown NY; Westchester NY; Asheville NC; Boone NC; Charlotte NC; Eastern NC; Fayetteville NC; Greensboro NC; Hickory NC; Outer Banks NC; Raleigh NC; Wilmington NC; Winston Salem NC; Fargo ND; Akron OH; Canton OH; Ashtabula OH; Athens OH; Chillicothe OH; Cincinnati OH; Cleveland OH; Columbus OH; Dayton OH; Huntington/Ashland OH; Lima/Findlay OH; Mansfield OH; Sandusky OH; Toledo OH; Tuscarawas County OH; Youngstown OH; Zanesville/Cambridge OH; Lawton OK; OK City OK; Stillwater OK; Tulsa OK; Bend OR; Corvallis OR; East OR OR; Eugene OR; Medford OR; OR Coast OR; Portland OR; Roseburg OR; Salem OR; Allentown PA; Altoona PA; Cumberland Valley PA; Erie PA; Harrisburg PA; Lancaster PA; Meadville PA; Philadelphia PA; Pittsburgh PA; Poconos PA; Reading PA; Scranton PA; State College PA; Williamsport PA; York PA; Providence RI; Warwick RI; Cranston RI; Pawtucket RI; East Providence RI; Woonsocket RI; Charleston SC; Columbia SC; Florence SC; Greenville SC; Hilton Head SC; Myrtle Beach SC; Sioux Falls SD; Rapid City SD; Aberdeen SD; Chattanooga TN; Knoxville TN; Memphis TN; Nashville TN; Tri-cities TN; Logan UT; Ogden UT; Provo UT; Salt Lake City UT; St. George UT; Burlington VT; Essex Junction VT; Bennington VT; Charlottesville VA; Chesapeake VA; Danville VA; Fredericksburg VA; Hampton VA; Harrisonburg VA; Lynchburg VA; New River Valley VA; Newport News VA; Norfolk VA; Portsmouth VA; Richmond VA; Roanoke VA; SouthWV VA; Suffolk VA; VA Beach VA; Bellingham WA; Everett WA; Moses Lake WA; Olympia WA; Pullman WA; Seattle WA; Spokane WA; Tacoma WA; Tri-cities WA; Wenatchee WA; Yakima WA; Charleston WV; Huntington WV; Martinsburg WV; Morgantown WV; Parkersburg WV; Southern WV WV; Wheeling WV; Appleton WI; Eau Claire WI; Green Bay WI; Janesville WI; La Crosse WI; Madison WI; Milwaukee WI; Racine WI; Sheboygan WI; Wausau WI; Wyoming: Cheyenne WY; Casper WY; Laramie WY; Gillette WY;

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