About GIG Proactive Drivers Solutions: A Truckers Voice In Court

Proactive Drivers is administered by GIG Marketing Associates, and remains a leader empowering Commercial drivers and trucking companies with rewarding Legal Plan membership subscriptions since 2005. We are authorized independent Associates for some of the top CDL Legal Plans in the nation.  Our small dedicated team of Consultants also specialize on proactive solutions that impact profits and lifestyle, from money saving / income protection services, commercial loans to stimulus funding tax credits . 

Our CDL Consultants specialize in CDL membership plans that cover commercial traffic law and give access to DOT federal violation Data Q challenges and safety compliance consulting.  We offer CDL Protection Plans that have provided the Best CDL ticket defense Lawyers to drivers throughout the US for decades.

Over the past decades, we beat 9 out of 10 traffic violations for professional CDL drivers and small trucking companies. Last year alone, our resources helped millions of regular drivers and commercial drivers throughout North America. As a professional truck driver this is extremely important.

GIG Marketing Associates and our CDL Traffic Consultants have a reputation for successful results. We use our resources wisely, providing you with reliable lasting legal protection against your CDL liabilities and CSA consultants for your corrective actions and improving safety ratings. We take great pride in our Better Business Bureau A+ Rating, with zero complaints from our GIG Marketing Associates team and advisors.

Fellow CDL Drivers & Business Owners

My name is Rudy Cortez, known to drivers as Rudy “TVC” Cortez. Let me tell you a little bit about my background and my 18 years of experience as a Business Consultant specializing in helping Business owners; that includes the Commercial truck driver and Trucking companies. I helped create a “Truckers Voice In Court” movement where today we grew a small team where we offer ProActive Drivers Consulting and CDL legal plans from the Best companies in the USA.

I currently reside in the Alamo City of San Antonio, Texas.  I started as a Grammy-nominated TexAmericana musician activist / advocate and a former military veteran serving overseas. I am proud to serve my country and defended and help protect the rights of fellow musicians and those who contributed to the growth of America. I’m passionate about defending America and helping those who work hard to keep it moving strong – like entrepreneurs, business owners and professional drivers do.

Being Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

I learned to empower others by organizing and uniting with other like-minded folks and entrepreneurs (through collaborations) as a way to gain strength in large numbers, thus making it more affordable to protect ones rights allowing one to earn a decent living. Check out our GIG Proactive Sleeping Giant Biz and see how we are still collaborating to continue to make historical movements to Empower Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. So, instead of complaining and making excuses about how the economy and federal traffic laws are changing for the worse, and not having enough money to afford the best defense lawyers (to make the legal system work for me), I found a way to learn the rules of the game and get the law on my side more affordably, enabling me to be more proactive and make the legal system work for me–not against me.

This allows me to be part of a solution and not part of the problem. Much like working with proactive musicians and entrepreneurs, I also work with proactive truck drivers and dedicated people from all walks of life who are willing to succeed while helping the professional driver and their families protect their income.

Ignorance of Commercial Traffic Law is No Excuse

Blue Sky and Big Truck

As a strong believer in freedom of choice and standing up for one’s own rights, I simply do not accept ignorance of the law as an excuse for any bureaucrat to take away one’s hard-earned money, much less destroy a truck driver’s livelihood. Neither should you, or any hardworking truck driver or CDL holder.

I meet drivers every day who feel the way I once did. Despite considering myself to be a pretty positive and optimistic person, there was a time where I just couldn’t see myself spending any money on a membership or a proactive protection plan that would protect me from unlikely and unexpected legal liabilities or events. My ego and my overconfidence led me to believe that I wouldn’t need a membership to protect me. I thought that if I just obeyed the law and did what I was supposed to do, I would be able to take care of myself and my own driver’s license liabilities without the need of having the law by my side. Most CDL drivers with clean driving records believed the same as I where they would never get a ticket or accident and need a traffic ticket lawyer, much less a criminal defense. It is easier to believe that there is no unexpected situation that could happen on the road that we can’t handle ourselves.

So I thought, or until the unexpected happens to your or we see it on the news like the driver in Colorado who accidentally killed 4 people and get’s charged 110 year sentence! smh….

The Undeniable Need for CDL Protection

Although commercial CDL drivers are professionals and on their game most of the time, they know that they spend most of their time on the road. They need to be prepared for unexpected legal problems, as they might find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, or in the middle of a troublesome situation created by someone else beyond their control. For many years, I ignored the fact I could end up in a lot of trouble if I wasn’t prepared for unexpected things that could occur while driving–even with a regular Class C license.

Learning from Both the Smart & Not-So-Smart Truck Drivers

It wasn’t until I found myself working face-to-face with thousands of professional truck drivers at truck stops across the nation that I discovered the importance of protecting oneself from liabilities way before legal entanglements presented themselves. I noticed a trend in successful drivers who had plenty of work, from the best-paying companies, and how each one had CDL protection just in case they needed it. They knew it was better to be safe, rather than sorry, later after the fact.  Especially with CSA and PSP safety ratings creeping up and getting to the point of no return; causing problems to drivers and trucking companies.

In time, I began to notice the difference between Proactive Drivers and other unprotected drivers who struggled in the trucking business. The latter were learning from hard knocks and lost thousands of dollars to save pennies before they began to seek legal protection. For many, it was too late. Many of the best drivers, with some of best driving records, lost their driving careers of 20 to 30 years to an unexpected legal entanglement. Murphey’s law would catch them by surprise and when it rained – it poured!  Today, many of those drivers work lower-paying jobs; others are unemployed or even homeless.

Save Your Time, Money, & Career

Like myself, there were many CDL Truckers that had no idea they needed far more legal protection (and from top CDL defense attorneys) than what any other prepaid legal program, insurance, or general city lawyer/public defender could provide. They not only needed it to save them time and money, but to protect their driving careers.

Case after case, I saw how this legal protection could have saved drivers money, and their careers, if only they had access to and help from trucking lawyers before they really needed it. Truckers with legal protection were very successful, with the highest-paying jobs, collecting safety mile bonuses, and driving with greater peace of mind than those without it. Some of those prepared drivers were even getting their CDL defense attorneys for free during their time of need.

CDL Road Protection Like No Other

Truck Hauling Metal Tank

The legal services and driver’s license protection are what got my attention. After talking to drivers who had used the CDL protection, I began to see there was no other prepaid legal plan that specialized in CDL traffic violations, or offered guaranteed CDL defense representation across the US and Canada. Our CDL Plan was the only prepaid legal service that paid out 100% of attorneys’ fees for covered traffic tickets, and with no limits for serious violation attorney defenses.

The CDL Plans we offer keep evolving and growing its services and benefits to meet the changing needs of the professional driver. ProActive Driver has strategic alliances with companies that can help drivers navigate the permit maze and save an extra $300 to $400. Last year, we added free Data Q Challenges for inspections received with covered traffic tickets to help protect CSA and PSP safety ratings. By 2018, our strategic partners began to help drivers save on personal life, health, and auto insurances, including business and cargo insurance.

Justice Beyond the Size of Your Wallet

Like many drivers, I didn’t realize that the American legal system was more about money than justice, and that it can make a criminal out of an innocent driver for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I never imagined that a serious traffic violation could last several years and cost more than $15,000 to fight in court. This is what finally opened my eyes, making me realize that I should secure protection from liabilities and things beyond my control–before I need it. I was not going to limit my rights to justice to the size of my own wallet.

Even though this legal protection looked good, I still had my doubts and concerns. I wondered whether I needed to protect myself. I listened to the struggling drivers make excuses as to why this protection wouldn’t work for them. I didn’t have extra money to throw away on something that didn’t work. I certainly didn’t want to blow my money on something I may never use, or may not even work when I needed it.

The Negotiating Power of Millions of Drivers

However, after seeing more and more drivers winning than losing cases, I thought about it some more and realized this was the first time that I had found a way to empower and be a Truckers Voice In Court. It not only gave me the negotiating power of millions of drivers, saving me money when I needed it, but also the opportunity to secure affordable legal protection while earning rewards and extra income.

I also liked the bonus discounts and benefits that came with my protection plan, including free emergency roadside assistance and legal services for both me and my wife. These helped me save more than what I would spend on pre-paying for one month of protection. I also liked the tax write-off and the personal touch of a dedicated representative (not just a salesperson) who walked me through each process from start to finish.

I didn’t have the extra money lying around. However, I knew I was going to have to eventually spend the money on a prepaid legal service, or even pay an attorney a lot more later on during my time of need. I couldn’t find another company that offered me the opportunity to eventually get these benefits and protection. So, I went ahead and got my protection and peace of mind immediately.

Now that I am protected, I feel like I made a very wise decision. I feel more secure. I can now live a more carefree life. The confidence and comfort that I get knowing the law is on my side and help is just a phone call away is irreplaceable.

A Little Prevention Can Save a Lot of Troublesome, Costly Cure

I saw how many other truck drivers were in the same boat. Many of them didn’t know how to protect their rights and freedom of choice. Many thought it was their duty to pay the fine if they were at fault, and that the legal system would be fair to them when they were not at fault. For others, it was too late. They never even got a second chance. If they only knew beforehand what the consequences of their choices would be.

That’s when I decide to share this CDL road protection with others. I wanted to get the word out before it was too late. I always believed that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. I wanted to show other drivers how this protection changes people’s lives and helps them keep their incomes. It feels good to show others how to get the peace of mind I have now, knowing I am protected with the law on my side.

Contact us today to learn more about how ProActive Drivers offers Legal Plans for truckers. We’re happy to provide more information about the CDL legal plans and Sleeping Giant Biz member benefits.