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Introducing the Best ProActive Drivers approved CDL protection Plans that Empower professional drivers and small trucking companies with maintaining clean driving records and Protect from Federal Regulations to keep CSA / PSP safety ratings clean and accurate.   Our CDL Traffic Consultants will show you how to fight CDL traffic tickets and serious violations without having to break the bank on lawyer fees on many CDL traffic defenses – guaranteed in any state.

All Drivers & Professionals Protect Your License

If you are a commercial vehicle driver or trucking company, violating federal and state laws can put your commercial license or company at risk. A citation, inspection or warning for being overweight or oversized may not only put your CDL license at risk, but your CSA and PSP safety ratings can also be in danger. ProActive Drivers can connect you to Traffic Tickets defense attorneys and CDL Traffic consultants who have the experience and knowledge needed to handle the cases of professional drivers and trucking companies, and they will work to keep your CDL and ratings on track.

Lawyers and Consultants that cover the whole Nation

Your commercial driving license (CDL) is much more than a license. It is your means to provide an income for your family. Losing your CDL for a traffic violation can have serious consequences. Don’t risk losing it by not defending it with our CDL traffic lawyers.

Proactive Drivers has access to resources that can provide traffic legal defense through out all of North America. We can connect you CDL Traffic consultants specialize in protecting your license and we help drivers improve their CDL liability to enhance any prepaid or insured program. The companies we collaborate with have helped millions of smart drivers for decades and we now also help represent small trucking companies in any court across the US and Canada, so you don’t have to look for attorneys in every state in which you drive. We provide access to membership plans that Empower proactive drivers with an 800 number that gives you access to lawyers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Proactive Drivers today at 800-791-8385 or by web chat anytime! We are here to serve you!

Our CDL protection and CDL traffic consultants offer you TOP experience in the following areas:

  • We go to court for you.
  • We post bail bonds to prevent you from arrest and being put out of service.
  • We keep your traffic violations out of your record, and many times we do it for less than the cost of the ticket.
  • Full legal representation until the conclusion of each case (no matter how much time is taken or how many times we go to court).
  • Representation up to trial without additional charges for JP courts (Justice of the Peace) that do not offer deferrals to CDL drivers, such as in the state of Texas.

Remember that each state is different and the laws change every day. We stay on top of those changes for your peace of mind. We have local lawyers in all courts and we can help pay the legal costs to save you money.

In some states, such as Texas, there are few outlets to defend the professionals (drivers with commercial licenses). We do our best to give you the best legal solution in each case.

Our lawyers have a high record of success in favor of our members cases. You can count on us to do everything possible for your benefit. Our covered cases of either moving or non-moving violations may include representation in court with a trial by judge or a jury if necessary.

The trial made with a written statement has a special legal defense which can get you more time to take the court by surprise and win your case. Our attorneys use special methods to win your cases.

The CDL attorneys we give you access to will do everything possible to prevent you from being charged points against your record.

We know that it is increasingly difficult to protect your rights, so our lawyers have to work harder for you. For example, in California, traffic school is no longer an option for professional drivers (since September 2005). Because the judges know that truck drivers no longer have the option of the traffic school, many of them are willing to work it out with a lawyer to not put points on the CDL license, instead they can amend the original charges to a lesser charge like “coasting” (21710 of the Vehicular Code). They ask for it as an alternative charge. If you decide not to hire a lawyer to go to court, you are losing your right to protect your CDL liability and avoid points in your record.

Trial by declaration can be another option that gives you a chance to win. Be more prepared to gain an unfair advantage for your CDL legal defenses with our local lawyer experience. What is the alternative? Do it yourself? Hire a lawyer to resolve these cases occasionally? No, forget it. You must fight your tickets with the best CDL lawyer you can find so that points on your CDL can be avoided.

When a trial by declaration in your case is won, you will receive the return bond. When a trial by declaration is lost, you have the right to go to a trial in court. If you show up but the police do not, you automatically win. If you cannot attend, speak with the designated CDL attorney representing you. You may still have a good chance to fight the ticket and win it.

If you have to win, you can hire a lawyer who personally goes to court for you. The court fee usually depends on the case and the distance to the court. This is not a problem for us, since we guarantee representation in any jurisdiction. All you have to do is call our legal department and we will take care of your case thus saving money and worries. We pay lawyers to go to many courts.

Keep in mind that there are many ways to fight a case without getting points. That is another reason to hire a lawyer who knows your business. Many of our drivers do everything possible to avoid losing their CDL or their job. They call us to have the best opportunity to fight the ticket and make a deal to avoid points.

Although we can guarantee representation in any state, no one is above the law. The judge always has the last word. However, we win 9 out of 10 cases, and we do not deal unless the police and the court are against a strong and experienced defense. This turns the odds to your favor.

Protect yourself and protect your rights by allowing our legal department to put you in contact with an experienced lawyer in any state.

I imagine you are visiting this website because, like me, you have a real desire to maintain a clean driving record, keep your insurance costs low, and enjoy more peace of mind on the road. Whether you have fought tickets yourself, have hired a lawyer in the past, or this is your first time receiving a ticket, I guarantee you have not seen anything like what I'm about to show you.

Get your free 15-minute consultation with a Proactive Drivers CDL traffic ticket expert and learn more about our commercial driver's license protection today by calling or web chat. If you call during our normal business hours, you can talk to a live person and they will answer your questions. We are proud to provide you with top quality and attentive service.

Here are some things we’ll do for you during this free ProActive Drivers consultation ($49 value):

  • Ask simple questions about your situation, looking for solutions that can save you money and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Show you small details that will make a big difference compared to any protection plan you may have at the moment (it will impress you).
  • Review any preexisting traffic tickets, clearing house, CSA, PSP issues.
  • Check pending court dates, or if your court date has already passed, tell you what your best options are (90% of the time the driver has no idea of the options that are available for him).

The information available on this website is not legal advice and is not published with the intention of being legal advice. You should consult a CDL traffic lawyer to obtain an individual consultation about your situation or use one of our provider attorneys that come with any of our CDL protection plans.

Contact us today to speak with a friendly ProActive Drivers CDL traffic consultant and learn what we can do to help protect your CDL (commercial license) and protect your ability to keep Earning money.