Our Truckers ProActive Drivers CDL Plan Keeps You Rolling

With Our Great Success Rate in Court, the Professional Driver CDL Protection Plans and the Truckers Voice in Court Proactive Drivers team combined are an A+ Rated CDL Legal Service that Protects Your Job, Your License & Your Livelihood.  Plus, you are not alone. When you start your CDL membership here with the ProActive Drivers agency you are assigned to an A+ Rated BBB - CDL traffic consultant that can help guide you every step of the way in getting the best return on your CDL member benefits.

Fighting your tickets or starting a Truckers membership with ProActive Drivers here is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  To get started, just follow the simple three-step process below.

  1. Register or Enroll online, based on your situation, by clicking one of the Red Buttons above, or by calling (800) 791-8385.
  2. Select the appropriate Red Button above.  The Express Checkout Button is for those 1st timers who know how we work and are ready to get started right away and make initial payment. Make sure to call us at 800-791-8385 and let us know you have made payment to make sure you are connected to the Proactive Drivers CDL team for better customer service with your accounts and cases. The Reinstate Old Account / Pre-Existing Fee's Button is for those who had a CDL membership before or someone who has a pre-existing traffic ticket but would like more details on the pre-existing fee's and learn the difference between covered and discounted cases.  Once registered, you can continue to enroll by clicking the red “Enroll Now” button sent to your email. Read and follow the payment instructions with the summary of benefits, terms, and conditions with estimated pre-existing lawyer fees.
  3. Report and open your case with our 24-hour legal department. You will immediately receive instructions, on how to speak to a live representative, once initial payment is received and you call 800-791-8385 to advice us of your payment completion.

Take care to select the type of legal representation that’s right for you. It will always be either a covered or non-covered case. Either way, you’ll save on legal fees. If your ticket does not fall under the covered cases category, it is a non-covered discounted case. We can still help you save, but first, we need to pair you with a traffic ticket attorney for a free consultation.

Great Success Rate of Getting Truckers Violations Reduced or Dismissed

Nationwide Coverage in All 50 States

More than 500,000 Truck Drivers Helped Since 1988

When Police See A Truckers Voice Professional-driver Logo On Your Truck or CDL, They'll Think Twice About Pulling You Over To Hit Their Quota

Protect Your Paycheck

Rest assured knowing that your license is being protected by some of the best CDL lawyers in the business who have your best interest at heart.

Peace of Mind

Get the most comprehensive protection available for truckers, including bail bond, accident protection, roadside assistance & more.

You Don't Have To Stop Working

If you do get a violation, we'll have a local attorney contest it for you—which means you can keep working, rarely having to attend the hearing.

Nationwide Coverage In Any Vehicle

Our traffic legal department has you covered in all 50 states, plus Canada. CDL drivers are covered for many traffic tickets received in any commercial and personal vehicle.  Spouses with non-CDL's are covered for Free on moving violations.

Get The Best CDL Protection Plan for company drivers and the Best Owner Operator Plan Here with ProActive Drivers.

Attorneys Who Fight Hard to Protect Your CDL

We use local attorneys who have a great success rate of getting CDL violations reduced or dismissed.

  1. Free CDL representation on moving violations (commercial)
  2. Free CDL representation on non-moving violations (commercial)
  3. Discounted representation on pre-existing citations (commercial)
  4. CDL Representation from vehicular manslaughter & negligent homicide charges (commercial & personal)
  5. Free CSA challenges on successful violation reductions or amendments achieved by our provider attorneys
  6. 25% discount on other legal services (commercial & personal)

Contact us today to become a truckers voice professional driver legal plan member and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having CDL protection and CDL traffic ticket defense attorneys at your side. If you make payment online, be sure to call 1-800-791-8385 or send text to 210-361-0296 and let us know payment has been made and you will automatically qualify for Sleeping Giant Biz membership benefits. We will also get you connected to best Truckers Voice CDL traffic consultants team in the country.